Unilock Umbriano 7cm 24 X 24

$19.10 / SF

The random dispersion of color and granite particles creates the beauty of Umbriano’s unique mottled surface, which resembles
the appearance of natural granite. Umbriano’s non-slip, stain-resistant surface is an ideal selection for driveways, pool decks, patios,
commercial plazas and offices.

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The granite-like surface appearance make Umbriano a popular choice for sleek, modern projects as a paver or wall product (see U-Cara Multiface Wall System). Its unique mottled surface is achieved with ColorFusion™ Technology which randomly disperses rich color and granite particles to achieve a natural, non-slip texture. These characteristics make it a popular choice for pool decks. As well, Umbriano is factory sealed with EasyClean™, an integral surface protection from stains. This is a significant benefit when Umbriano is used in driveways, outdoor dining areas and high traffic commercial projects.