Unilock Town Hall

$17.75 / SF

With more substantial proportions than Copthorne®, Town Hall is cast from original brick street pavers and offers a distressed, timeworn
appearance. New Heritage colors contribute to this aesthetic. As well, with Unilock’s ever-increasing focus on permeable pavers,
Town Hall has been designed to satisfy both traditional and permeable installation methods.

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The substantial proportions and unique color blending of Town Hall is modelled after historic North American clay street pavers.  The look of Town Hall is timeless, which makes it a popular choice for driveways, patios, walkways and more, in either traditional or permeable applications.  The rich colors and classic shape also make it popular for borders, banding and other accents in pavers, walls and vertical features.  To ensure projects receive a random appearance, Town Hall textures were cast from a multitude of different surfaces using Reala™ Technology, and Ultima™ Concrete Technology was used to create superior durability.  The result is vintage, streetscape charm that stands the test of time.