With Shawgrass, you will be the talk of the neighborhood. The neighbors will look with envy as they mow their lawn on a Saturday morning and you are enjoying the big game or sleeping in.

Let the kids roll around in the yard because there will no longer be a need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides. During the summer families can be comfortable in the heat with our HydroChill, which can cool surfaces up to 50 degrees.

Shawgrass has the product offerings that can transform an outdoor space into the focal point of a home. Together, we can create an outdoor space you can enjoy by providing a rich, lush, and beautiful look year-round.

We specialize in lawns, backyard courts, playgrounds, and pet areas.

Reasons for Shawgrass Residential:

  • Comfort- Your family will begin to spend all of their time outside, anytime of the year. Our turf creates a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy.
  • Design- Our residential turf can transform your backyard into whatever you want. If your wish is a big open backyard, our turf is what you need. If you want to create a masterpiece with intricate designs, our turf is what you need. Shawgrass will meet the needs for our customer’s home.
  • Cool- You will be cool in two ways, the cool kid on the block, but also our HydroChill will cool the surface by up to 50 degrees. With our HydroChill there should be no excuse why the kids are inside playing video games.
  • Maintenance- Shawgrass is easy to maintain and takes very little time to do so. The time spent on making your yard perfect can now be spent in the yard enjoying your free time, because with Shawgrass it will already be perfect!
  • Saves- Shawgrass eliminates the costs associated with landscaping and maintenance.