Bermuda K9

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Pet Turf

Our pets are a big part of our family, and we know they’re a big part of your family, too. With Shawgrass pet turf, animals will love their new space, except they may be upset they can’t dig anymore holes. Our tough turf and drainage system help make life easier by creating a yard that requires almost no maintenance. Plus, it’s safe because it contains no harmful pesticides and fertilizers, and when your pet has to go, our no mess surface is easy to clean.

Reasons for Shawgrass Pet Turf:

  • Safe: Our turf can help create a safe environment for pets to live comfortably.
  • Clean: Shawgrass creates a safe environment but also a clean environment. Your pets won’t be tracking in dirt or bringing in fleas.
  • Cool: We all worry about our dogs in the summer when it gets too hot. Our TurfChiller can cool surfaces up to 50 degrees. Your pets will be thanking you for their new home when they can finally comfortably soak up the sun in the yard in the middle of July.
  • Durable: Shawgrass is durable and hard to break through. Pets will have a difficult time trying to dig in their favorite spot.
  • Maintenance: Shawgrass can help save time on maintenance. Our surface is easy to clean for pet owners.


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