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Award Winning Landscape Design Ideas

When you step out of your home, do you get inspired to go on with your day or do you get depressed because of how plain and boring your outdoor space looks? If you are already tired of how your backyard or garden looks, then it is recommended that you decide to revamp its design. Take some time to browse through various landscape design ideas and find the best ways to transform your depressing outdoor space into an attractive space with an award winning design.

Here are some amazing ideas that are worth looking into:

Fenceless Privacy
For some, having a fence in their home is already mainstream. If you wish to ditch the fence but you still want some privacy, then take some tips from the brilliant team of McKay Landscape Architect which were able to provide their clients fenceless privacy by tucking the home entrance behind a captivating raised garden. The garden features different types of wild flowers including dwarf Japanese maples, Boston Ivy and many more. That is truly one genius and creative way to spice up the look of your home and boosting its security as well.

Masonry Walls For The Win
picture of a stone retaining wall
If you wish to provide your home a bit of a privacy in the most creative way possible, plain white fence is totally out of the question. Many expert landscapers and architects will suggest surrounding your property with beautiful and stunning masonry walls. The one in the picture is made out of locally reclaimed granite so this design is not just creative, it is quite ecological as well.

Rooftop Designs
beautiful rooftop garden with city landscaping
Is your roof just a mere empty space with no function? If yes, then adapting the design idea that you can see in the picture will surely provide a good use for that empty space. If you wish to relax and rest while taking a view of the skyline or your surroundings from up above, then turn your roof into a sky garden filled with lush greens, wild flowers, stunning designs and comfortable furniture.

When it comes to beautifying your home, you must not forget to take the design of your outdoors into consideration. Take tips from the owners of the homes featured above. They designed their landscape in a way that the designs did not just attract people—it even won awards as well! Make sure that you hire a creative and reliable landscaper who will be able to treat your outdoor space as a blank palette and will use their knowledge and creativity to turn it into amazing landscape masterpieces like the ones featured in this article.

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