Having a quality mailbox and mailbox post can add value and a please aesthetic look to your home. South Shore Landscape offers a multitude of solid granite mailbox posts to meet whatever color, size, or shape you are looking for. Benefits to having a solid granite mailbox post apart from the aesthetic value, they last substantially longer than any plastic or metal mailbox posts you see. Granite can handle the inclement weather that New England throws our way, and your mailbox post will hold up year after year despite the blizzards, rain, and wind.

We offer granite posts in gray, golden wheat, with all 4 sides rock, or 2 sides rock and 2 sides thermal. If you are looking to add some more texture check out our Granite Post with 2 Fluted and 2 Thermal sides. Don’t forget the mailbox or other additional accessories that you will need to complete your mailbox transformation. We supply a variety of cast aluminum mailboxes in every color you can think of.